Here are some samples of my work. They are grouped loosely into Technical and Creative, but in my work these frequently overlap.

You’ll notice nothing in here goes beyond 2004, which is when my self-imposed creative hiatus began (I’ve been building and supporting systems since). Just think how hungry I must be, and how many fresh ideas I must have stored up!

You’ll need Quicktime 7 or later to view these files.

It’s also worth noting what the Australian Screen Editors guild has to say about me:

Piers is a multi-skilled precious gem of a fellow; well versed in all things ‘New Media’, and a brilliant writer of applescripts … I want you to know well in advance that an opportunity to learn something, anything, from Piers should not be missed.

(from their newsletter)


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Alchemy series return

AlchemyAn example of what happens when I’m let out of the edit suite, this is one from the “olden days” – edited on media100 and the strange colour grade done in After Effects – it was shot almost totally using available light. (click any image to view the linked movie)

Piazza D’Oro competition

Piazza d’OroAn SBS viewer campaign I cooked up while working with the sales people to accompany Pd’O’s national campaign. Theirs was in black & white with jazz music (you can see it on the TV in the first and last shots), so I tried to fit in with that. Had the laptop with me at the shoot, so i could play back the audio to get the timing right, and instantly check the framing got everything in the right spot.

World Cup 2002

The Big Names promo movieHad lots of fun cooking up little bits and pieces for the ’02 World Cup. This one is my favourite, especially as I was able to delegate the motion tracking to a minion. I worked out who everyone was though.


This one is a “standard” 30 sec sport montage.World Cup 2002 promo movie

Cycling Central

Cycling Central promo movieAnother basic sport edit. Composed it over the opening titles graphics for a bit oomph.



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I’m comfortable in Photoshop, Illustrator and I support 40 seats of Final Cut, so if it can be done in FCP, that’s where I do it. I’m also proficient with After Effects and can do very basic animation in Flash.

Colour grading

Grade Comparison With colour grading being topical, at the left is a short movie where I attempted to match the LaB’s colour grade of one of SBS’s summer idents in FCP.


The Piazza D’Oro spot above is also an example of a “non-colour” grade (again 100% FCP)


Junior Eurovision The movie at the right (Click to view) was composited in FCP – I was able to use the real-time capabilities (then pretty new) to rapidly synch the bouncing-ball to the lyrics, and then drop and tweak the cut underneath.

If Awards promo movieThis promo was given the damaged film look entirely in FCP without plugins (because I didn’t have any) – I manually added the hop and weave and some “flashed” negative. For the authentic dust and scratches, I stuck a length of sticky tape to the carpet and scanned it in, which is also how I created the film leader. Also made the music in Soundtrack.

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