About me

[now brought up to 2009!]

I call myself a “technical creative”, I worked for 15 years or so in and around television, as mail boy, VT operator, editor, producer, promo producer and then as an engineer/sysadmin for all the gear which falls into the growing void between “IT” and “TV”. My “creative hiatus” continues, as I’ve had enough of public TV at least for the time being, and I now design, install and support IT solutions for creative Small, Medium, and Big Enterprises, and I keep myself amused by designing things like cubbyhouses and iPod amps

I enjoy both aspects, and my dream project would be something highly creative which required some new technology to be created and perfected before the project itself could start.

There’s some info on my creative career on the “CV/Reel” page 

About the blog

This is my “Blomepage”, the conduit for any and all online communication I might feel like doing. I came late to blogging, but I’ve developed the view in the last year or so that 99% of the web will be either blogs or wikis fairly soon – they handle 99% of what people want to do so well. (But I really miss wiki syntax, this using actual HTML – surely no-one ever thought people would do that!) So here I am on the bandwagon.

The general intention is to handle personal and professional communication thru this one entry point.

© and that jazz

While not formally covered by copyleft or whatever (and in addition to whatever the WordPress AUP that I agreed to actually said) content on this site is covered by the “usual Web 2.0 limitations”: I’d prefer it if you linked to the page rather than reproduced it, limited reproduction with attribution is fine.


    • Peter Collen
    • July 16th, 2008

    Hi Piers

    Hope this gets to you…….
    I was researching issues with your weatherwatch Mac and I happened here.
    How are you? Life in a commercial cooker? 😉 Good?

    May I relate a problem we are having with them?
    Auto downloads working fine, however the second download at 9.30 AM when running freezes motion about half way thru the clip on both machines, consistantly. We are manually reverting to the half past midnight file. We emailed them asking if it was produced on the same hardware, no reply.
    This .mov plays ok in QTime viewer ok.
    Toggling the direct QV button on the desktop blacks the screen momentarily, then this file can play. A reboot may have the same effect.
    All the best.
    Peter Collen

  1. PDaddy,

    Hope you’re well.

    You’re still the man when it comes to tech and creative! Have not met anyone better!

    Thanks for teaching me! It’s now almost 10 years ago now! Could not have asked for a better mentor!

    Do your folks still live in Canberra?

    Would be good to get a coffee one day.



  2. Finally, remember the 4 Gb of RAM that the M17 offered you at the premium price. The Pro line of the Apple Mac – Book has upgraded the graphics over the years.

  3. In addition, adopting a consistent tone and opinion on matters that your blog deals with is vital for cementing a reputation. Usually quoting a portion is acceptable, as long as it is within certain limits.

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