Painless PNG – avoiding, er, pain

Something else not currently easy to find on the interweb is painless PNG – a rails plugin that transparently handles whatever it is you have to do to get IE 5.5/6 to display PNGs with alpha correctly (documentation and broken download link here). It’s the very definition of a suave OO plugin that makes you agile as heck by making all your code work with IE6 without any modification – it subclasses image_tag and alters the html if it detects you’re on an incompetent dinosaur monopolist browser.

Sadly, the original writer’s SVN has been down ever since I found out about the plugin, and Google’s top 6 hits are still to that site or sites that refer to it.

Well, some nice guy called Alexy (who obviously likes a bit of the ole fantasy role playing), has kindly made the whole thing available via good old fashioned http (including a couple of fixes, apparently). It’s the only version I’ve ever used, and so far everything looks suitably transparent on IE 6.

(I did make one slight change – got it to use double quotes not single – to make it comply with some of my higher up hackings. But you wont have to)

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