Microsoft RIS and Apple Netboot – do they play together?

Couldn’t see this anywhere else on the interweb (and believe me I looked!) so I thought I’d just let it be known that, yes, it seems that these two very similar protocols can exist on the same subnet without affecting each other – Apple’s NetBoot uses two ‘vendor” DHCP options (41 and 60), while RIS/PXE uses 66 and 67, so clients only connect to servers that talk their language. On a very small sample size here in the pdaddy lab, a Mac NetBooted and a PC was able to stagger into a vile DOS menu screen thingy (i.e. they both worked as expected) while both services were active at the same time. The macs were using the Windows/AD DHCP.

    • Jason Kopp
    • September 15th, 2011

    Do you have any detail about how you configured the MS DHCP to provide option 41 and 60? I can configure option 41, however I’m not 100% sure of the syntax. Also, option 60 doesn’t exit on my DHCP server currently, I can create option 60 and the accompanying Vendor Class Identifiers (I had to do that for some of our Cisco wireless products) but I am again unsure of the syntax.

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